Our services unlock the evidence buried within the digital world of computers, smartphones, tablets and every other device out there.

NB Forensics provides a full range of digital forensics services to corporate and law clients throughout the UK and beyond. From initial response, evidence collection, analysis and presentation you can be assured of the highest standard of service and professionalism.


Digital Forensics

Living in the digital age, we store a great deal on computers and other digital devices. As such, the likelihood of critical evidence being stored (or having been stored) on these devices is ever increasing. Recovering this evidence in a forensically sound manner and making sense of it requires skill and can make or break a case.

Computer Forensics and eDiscovery

  • NB Forensics use skilled and certified analysts along with industry recognised and tested tools, such as Guidance Software’s EnCase and AccessData’s FTK, to recover evidence and present it in a meaningful package. Evidence is handled according to strict forensic and chain of custody protocols in order to preserve the digital data, facilitating future investigation, third party scrutiny and disclosure.
  • Our eDiscovery services can be used for litigation support or employment disputes where there’s no suspicion of data destruction. Forensic analysis is perfect for more complex cases, such as intellectual property theft and fraud that require a more in-depth analysis.
  • All services can be conducted in a discreet, covert manner and out of normal business hours where required.

Mobile Device & Wearables Forensics

  • Gone are the days when digital information was only stored on the humble computer. With the advent of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, games consoles and even wearable devices such as Google Glass, digital evidence can be disparate and complex.
  • NB Forensics can analyse and recover evidence from a large number of mobile devices. The evidence can be presented in a meaningful manner to clearly show such things as conversations that span email, text messages, voice calls and even social media. Increasingly, these devices record GPS location information that can identify the movement of the device and where calls were made and pictures taken.

Cloud & Social Media Forensics

  • Increasingly, data is being stored on services such as Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s Office 365. Services such as these open up new avenues for data theft and attack. NB Forensics can gather evidence that is left behind when using cloud services. This can be critical in cases such as intellectual property theft and unfair dismissal where cloud services may have been used to copy data from a business network.

Incident Response & Onsite Investigations

  • The steps that are taken from the moment an incident or potential investigation is identified can be critical to the outcome of a case. Preservation of the data is vital and capturing the information in a forensically sound manner is critical if the evidence is to withstand scrutiny. Even the simplest of actions, such as opening a document or shutting down a computer, can destroy or substantially weaken evidence.
  • NB Forensics can provide onsite incident response and investigations at short notice where required. This service can be provided covertly and out of normal business hours if required.


Digital information is ubiquitous in business today. What happens when digital information stored within your business is required to aid situations such as compliance, disputes, fraud and e- disclosure requests?

Our consultancy services help prepare your organisation for such scenarios to ensure that digital evidence can be produced on demand and as quickly as possible, reducing the costs and stress typically associated with evidence recovery.

Forensic Readiness Planning

  • With forensic readiness planning you can be confident that your organisation is in a position to respond quickly and efficiently to such situations while ensuring that key data is acquired and preserved in a forensically safe manner.
  • A forensically ready business can benefit from reduced litigation costs and timescales by being able to produce relevant digital evidence quickly.
  • Forensic readiness planning goes hand-in-hand with incident response planning.

Incident Response Planning

  • When an incident occurs, delays and any failure to respond appropriately can have adverse results on a business. This often includes financial losses, damaged reputation and failed cases due to evidence spoliation.
  • NB Forensics can assist your business to formulate an incident response policy or implement a policy review.

Data Recovery & Destruction

Our in-depth knowledge of computer and storage systems allow us to perform specialist tasks beyond that of pure digital forensics. We can use this knowledge to recover data that appears ‘deleted’ or otherwise lost.

Conversely, we know how to destroy sensitive data to ensure that it cannot be recovered. We use specialist tools and techniques that offer a guarantee you won’t get by simply hitting things with a hammer.

Deleted Data & Failed Drive Recovery

  • Your business generates large amounts of data. That data may be critical to your business and when files are deleted by accident or can no longer be accessed due to a failure a swift response is required.
  • NB Forensics provide specialist services to restore deleted files and recover data from faulty media.

Data Destruction

  • When disposing of old computer equipment or re-commissioning it for a different purpose, a simple format and reinstall won’t remove all the data and could leave sensitive information behind. Some businesses have legal obligations to securely destroy digital data when no longer required.
  • In these circumstances it makes sense to use a specialist company that can give you assurance and guarantee the destruction of the data.
  • NB Forensics can perform data destruction on site or off site as required.


NB Forensics was founded by David Tawse in 2014. David graduated from Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University with a Computer Science degree in 2000 and spent the next several years becoming a highly-trained and industry certified software engineer (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) for a large multi-national company.

Having been successful in this role, David turned his attention to outsourced managed IT services and founded Nimbus Blue to serve small and medium enterprises in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire areas. During this time, David added a vast depth of knowledge surrounding IT infrastructure and security to his experience of software engineering and gained further certifications including the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate.

Nimbus Blue continues to be a successful business.

Working in the IT sector for a diverse range of corporate clients, David frequently witnessed situations where employers were struggling to prove misconduct, abuse and other wrongdoing as much of the evidence was buried somewhere on electronic devices. So, having established that there was sufficient demand for digital evidence recovery services, David invested a significant amount of time and money in globally recognised software, training and certifications in digital forensics. David’s forensic certifications include the EnCE from Guidance Software and the CCE from ISFCE. From this, NB Forensics was born.

NB Forensics has served clients in various sectors, including oil & gas and property, and continues to expand into new sectors.

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